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I often thought of love,
as a sacred gentle feeling,
with extreme highs of passion.
The lows of just subtle yearning,
along with the in-between's of forgiving.

Always the giving and taking,
with the other in mind.
Unselfish in its wants,
preserving all that is held dear.

I never imagined the tears,
the heartbreak.
That fine line between love and hate,
that can accompany,
 loving and being loved.

Perhaps love wears many faces.
Some that can tear it apart,
then in a heartbeat, put it all 
back together again.
Some that can scar,
and others that can heal.

The paths are many,
the roads long and hard.
 A journey that takes us,
many a mile.
Until we find our true destiny.

All the tears, joys and laughter,
we incur along the way!
That certain process of elimination,
that sometimes is beyond our control.

The never ending search,
we employ,
till we find that one true, 
everlasting, forever love,
that each of us needs for survival.

Copyright © 1999 By Katie~