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Haven't I always held you,

when you needed someone near.

Chasing away your loneliness.

Soothing away your tears.



Haven't I always gazed at you,

with eyes that mirrored my soul,

reflecting from deep in my heart,

passions felt, but not needed to be told.




 Haven't I always caressed your heart,

with well chosen words of affection.

To reach that part of you inside your soul,

to bring forth your soul's recollection.



 Haven't I always said I care,

with my heart, my soul, and my eyes,

What good are words if the heart can't show,

the feelings behind them that describe.




 If you need the words to confirm,

this feeling for you in my heart,

My love, I'll shout so all can hear.

I have always loved you right from the start!!!




 Copyright © 1997 By Katie~