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(The surrender)

After awhile you learn to accept,
those endless sleepless nights,
the tossing and turning,
 with closed eyes that lay dreamless.
Chained to this nightmare of  reality.

 There is no end,
no way out of these sleepless nights.
no drug strong enough,
no psychotherapy  long enough,
to explain why,
or to repair whatever is wrong.

You learn to cover up the dark circles,
applying the makeup,
as skillfully as an artist's brush.
 You learn to accept,
the demons that haunt you,
with no reason as to why,
 or how long it will last.

Well meaning friends have all the answers,
always giving their opinions,
their miracle cures.
Still, the sleepless nights continue.
Every night, a  lesson in tolerance.

While friends close their eyes and lay dreaming,
you speak to the night as though it were,
 another being who could communicate,
reason with.
All in vain.

Having tried everything within your power,
these dreaded nights continue with a vengeance.
A never-ending battle of the insomniac.
Fragments of what was once your norm.
A psychological warfare of,
no retreat, no surrender.

Finally, you learn to live with it ,
or the lack of it.
You learn to accept,
 defeat...... surrender......
As you lay staring at the sunrise.

Copyright © 1998 By Katie~