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 Long after the night closes it's eyes,

after the fire slowly dies.

Will the ashes be scattered and blown,

A kiss to the sky unbeknown.


 Will your heart feel the glow,

of the night's celestrial show.

After the morning dawns, it's light,

regretting the magic that took flight.


 When you gaze across the room,

will it be me, your heart consumes.

When all others invite you in,

will my heart be the one that wins?


 When the dawn filters in,

will you hear my voice within.

Will our hearts be intertwined,

both in spirit, body and mind.


 After the night shadows, again, cast it's grey,

on your heart,be that it may.

Will you still remember my sighs,

Long after the night closes it's eyes.




 Copyright © 1997 By katie~