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 I'll never know again, how it feels to hold you,  

or whisper softly in your ear.

All the things I need to say,

along with the words I long to hear.


 Your passion has somehow gone astray,

I know not where or who or when.

I just don't know the right words to say, now.

To make it right for us again.


 My dreams are a mixture of laughter and tears,

of too many days gone astray.

Not knowing these whys, haunt my nights,

in the lonely bed where I lay.


 Perhaps it shouldn't matter now.

Love in a life is per-chance, they say.

but inside, where my heart beats with this rythm of you,

is now, a sadened version of the one, we used to play.


 I am not sure of how or why things went wrong,

only that I need you in my life for always.

You were once, my love of a lifetime,

and even now, I still feel the same way!


 Copyright © 1997 By Katie~