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                       There is a cove round the bend,
                 where the rivers inlet
                chooses to lay still waters.
              Pink House Cove
             as the towns people call it.
             For there once stood a huge pink house
              in all its glory.
                Hence it's name "Pink House Cove".

                  I'm told it was a house of ill repute,
                  though I cannot vouch for that,
                 being as all this is hearsay.
                 Not knowing its true history,
                 whether it is true or false.

                 As for now as I know it,
                   the people come to ice fish,
                   with their little buckets,
                   bate and fishing poles.
                    Braving the winter's cold.

                     To sit on their overturned buckets
                     while into a hole in the ice,
                  they made especially
                 for the poles line
                   to dangle temptation.
                  Hoping the fish take notice.

                   I often wondered
                    what pleasure they took,
                      sitting on a cold bucket,
                         in the middle of nowhere.
                          Waiting for a fish to pull on their line.

                      While the cold winds blow,
                      insanity into their brains.
                     Mocking them as they sit and stare
                  at the moving water that
                   half circles the  frozen cove.
                  Teasing them to the freezing waters,
                 that lay under the ice they tread.

               As I watch in wonder
               from my heated auto,
              the joy in each face that
                    sits and waits for that little nibble.
                    While braving the icy winds,
                         that  rip through their statue like presence.

                       Wishing I too were sitting in the cold,
                      feeling happy about nothing too.

                 Copyright © 1999 By Katie~