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 Sad Memories


 I think I know you better,

than you probably know yourself.

I know your inner most feelings,

along with your fears and most of your doubts.


 There is a wall of resistance,

where love once laid it's head.

Not all the choices we make in life,

are nessessarily, the wrong ones, that we dread.


 Try as I might, I don't know how to reach you,

to make you trust in me.

You are blinded by this bright light,

of past nightmarish memories.


 So, as I just go on believing,

that maybe, someday, someway,

you'll awaken with that ole familar yearning for me.

To be as we were once, when I thought you were mine.

Not as we are now..... This sad memory.



 Copyright © 1997 By Katie~