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 Show me how to live again,

Show me how to care.

Show me how to unlock my heart,

to the feelings that are hidden there.


 Show me how to see the beauty,

of a falling star.

A gentle breeze upon my cheek,

caressing from afar.


 To the fragile snowflake,

falling gently to the ground.

To the morning dew upon the grass,

the vast beauty that is all around.


 Show me how to feel again,

to see, to think, to hold...

all that life has to offer,

all the dreams that are mine untold.


 Show me that you care enough,

to give me strength to endure.

All the promises of a love anew,

along with the pain and joys it may incur.


 Last, but not least show me how,

to love you the way I should.

To feel love's joys and promises,

that I have tucked away.

To bring them back for good!



 Copyright © 1997 By Katie~