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 Our lips touch in a brief hello.

A stiring inside,that we both try not to show.

Eyes both lowered so as not to be seen,

feelings buried deep inside,

of you and of me.


 We softly, say our pleasantries, and yet,

knowing inside we never can forget.

Unspoken words, burn at the tips.

The dead silence that follows,

as those sacred words are lost upon our lips.


 If only one of us, could say what we truely feel,

to break that silence, to make it real!

Maybe, our lives would be better, at best.

These silent feelings,that taunt us,

as mute words fail this test.


 What beauty of a forbidden love,

we may never see to be.

Lost within both our sadened eyes,

through this thick haze,

of costly righteous technicalities.


 Now the course,we must,

as the rules imply, follow,

denying the heart of all claim.

When deep down inside we both know,

that our two hearts in silence are inflamed.


 As silent tears sting both our eyes,

our lips tremble, knowing the whys.

We briefly kiss and say goodbye,

without uttering those three words,

that hide silently inside.

 Copyright © 1997 By katie~