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The soul has ways of feeling things that your mind can't,
The soul can feel things that not even your heart can,
When two people touch, not physically,
but you can feel each other,
Thats when your souls join.

A little smile can pass between two people,
But you feel it warm you,
A casual glance as you pass by each other,
But you feel as though it was a kiss,
Thats when you know your souls are one.

When two people touch,
Just a light brush of hands,
but it feels like a warm hug.

When two people look into each others eyes
 and you feel as if you can't look away,
This is when your souls embrace.

Your soulmate is a once in a lifetime love,
But you need not let your heart or mind find this,
You will feel it throughout  your soul,
But most will not recognize it,
Thats when it floats away and you feel incomplete again,
And don't know why.

If you ever feel complete, just by looking in someones eyes
and feel breathless  by a light touch,
Thats your soul reaching for its mate,
Try to see it and don't let it go,
or else it will slip away,
without you ever knowing it.

Forever Gone,
Your Soulmate~~

Copyright © 1998 By Terri K