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Bright hazel eyes, searching the room.
coming to rest upon your face.
He takes your hand and the world,
seems so much more understanding,
so much kinder to this innocent.

Your blue eyes shinning,
As you lead him by the hand,
Never loosing eye contact,
 sharing some sort of secret communication,
that doesn't require voice.

Together you share this unbreakable bond,
A bond that only he and you truly know.
Truly understand.
You shine unknowingly,
as you show him in glittering animation,
this world that he is just beginning  to learn.

This grandson that wears your name,
as his vest of honor.
 Mutual adoration apparent,
as his child-like eyes search,
 your heart and soul,
for recognition, and approval.

A lifetime spent could never compare.
as those tiny hands reach out,
without ridicule or malice,
for the steadying hands that lay waiting,
strong with a reassuring  grasp,
of  honesty, commitment and praise.

His assurance, your salvation!
Mutual love with the other in mind.
That tie that binds,
when all else in the world fails....

Copyright © 1999 By Katie~