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I remember  the nights,
 when either of my parents had to stoke the fire,
after feeding the fire eating creature.
A huge monstrosity of burning hell.
A monster, living in basement quarters,
 used to frighten the chill,
that permeated our fortress.
Mindful, I  didn't disturb the serenity,
of the evil fire eating dragon,
that lived beneath the floors,
less it would gobble me in it's hungry mouth,
 to burn  for all eternity as it savored my limbs,
with each heated breath it took.
A mouth ablazed,
with red hot fire.
feeding upon  black graphite like hardened material,
that the dutiful supplied,
for it's salvation.
Servile subjects,
seeking  only the attributes,
as payment for their loyalty.
An old red truck,
with weather -beaten wooden sides,
groaning with age, delivering
the black diamonds it fed upon.
 Kept inside,
old burlap bags, set free to,
run down an old tin chute,
to a bin that stored it's nourishment.
I would clasp hands over my ears,
fearful of this  reverberated sound,
that attacked my juvenility.
Into this pantry that housed our salvation,
where these black stones  were stored,
to its hungry mouth.
Only paying homage,
 to those who satiate.
Rewarding only if appeased.
One large grate,
centered between rooms.
to soothe the harshness,
of the winter's,
  fridget cold,
that knock at it's doors,
begging for admittance.
As the house of my youth,
begged for mercy from
the chilling winds that threatened,
to control.
Standing upon the  huge opened vent,
watching my skirt swirl,
warming  the thighs of my youth,
that shivered as the heat  tenderly caressed.
This monster with the hungry mouth,
with eyes of red hot that,
could be so kind yet,
so fiercely demanding....
Copyright © 1998 By Katie~