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Seems only yesterday,
shades of sultry climate
prickled at my body.
Rivlets of moisture,
playing tag,
 as the summers' heat
glowed upon my skin.

Now the autumn winds,
are blowing,
its chill emphasizing ,
the approaching wintertide.
 Lavished metamorphosed trees,
line the roads,
with crimsom and gold.

Aesthetic beauty to the eyes.
As if to make up for the lack,
of winters deficient color,
 that approaches with a vengence.
The mighty cry,
in the near distance.

The rich autumn hues,
 a prelude,
to the beauty of winter's
first snowfall.
Awakening to pure ivory,
the fresh,
untouched beauty,
with it's counterpane of,
 crystaline kisses.

Scenic postcard perfect,
the first snowfall,
before the shoveling ,
the plowing,
the sanding.

Untouched beauty,
cloaking all the little imperfections,
with it's lily-white vest of honor,
as winter presents her wakening.

If one just recognizes
with the eyes of
 the heart and soul.
 Surely you can foresee the beauty,
feel the touch,
of winter's lustral amends
as the first snowflake,
begins to fall.

Copyright © 1998 By Katie~