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The holidays are here again,
An excitement fills the air,
A form of peace and love replaces,
everyday worry and care.

Children of all ages,
await that special night,
When santa and his rain deer come,
to bring their  hearts delight.

I am no different than most,
My Christmas wish, on my mind.
Unlike the child that wishes for toys,
My wish is set for other sights.

I wish  the sick to recover.
The hurting, one less pain.
The homeless, a pillow for their head,
  a warm blanket,
to chase the cold away.

The hungry, food for their table,
the disabled shut-ins to feel,
the wind through their hair.
The hopeless, a light at the end of the tunnel,
to ease their  mounting despair.

Abandoned animals, a kindly home.
The abused, one less hurt.
The dying  one final wish,
come true,
before God's hand,
  takes them from this earth.

The lonely, a friend to fill the void.
The depressed, someone to care.
The elderly, the gift of love,
that they might find strength,
knowing someone still cares.

 Every color and creed,
to live in harmony.
 The gift of love and peace for all,
to fill every heart,
 from year to year.

Copyright © 1998 By Katie~