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Crazy Balls

Click to download screen in real size

Using your arrow (up/down/left/right) keys, move your yellow arrow-character into the playing area to "capture" sections of it. But be careful: You must avoid the bouncing balls, and the bugs that chase you around the playing area's perimeter. When you capture a certain percentage of the playing area, you win that level. Try to play and you will understand quickly the rules of this interesting game!
The game has two modes:

TRAINING MODE: You to choose the number of balls, bugs, and the amount of the playing area you must capture to end that level.

NORMAL MODE: The number of balls and bugs increases with each level.

Click to download screen in real size

Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT (or later versions)
DirectX (any version)
2.3Mb of hard disk space
SVGA graphics adapter

DownLoad Game (873 Kb)

On-Line Registration.