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click on picture to see BIG In this game, your aim is to guide your snake around the game board, eating all the apples while avoiding stones, the fence, the walls and your own tail! It's easy to negotiate the twists and turns when you're short and starving, but with each apple you eat your length and speed increases. The game has two modes: Normal and Training. Normal Mode consists of 16 levels.(in unregistred game you can play only the 3 first levels).
Each level is more difficult: The number of apples increases, new obstacles appear, and the play area changed. Watch out for the Bonus Squares - small squares with symbols on them. They can be useful, harmful, or fun. Eat the mushrooms, too.

System requirements:
Windows 95/98 or NT; SVGA graphic adapter with 16-bit or 24-bit color; and 1Mb of hard disk space. Program size 607 Kb.

click on picture to see BIG

DownLoad Zip-file (255 Kb)

On-Line Registration.