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Hello and welcome to my webpage! The pages and information kept inside are meant to inform and educate people about many of the animals from the amazon basin. Included is information on animals that I have in my home. Those include freshwater stingrays, true freshwater moray eels, various tetras, spectacled caimans, savannah monitors, prairie dogs and leopard geckos. I hope you enjoy my site and please dont forget to sign my guestbook.


Freshwater Stingray

My Amazon

     My Amazon is a 75 gallon biotope freshwater aquarium. It houses several different types of freshwater fish coming from the Amazon river or its many tributaries. As a conservation effort, I am making an attempt to learn more about the freshwater stingrays (potamotrygon sp.) and eventually attempt to breed them in captivity. This would greatly help in the current strain on them due to import and shipping stress. It would also greatly help them by leaving more stingrays in the wild. Lets face it, they are much prettier in their natural habitat. As of right now, the fish in the aquarium with her are:

I have currently the aquarium filtered by several high output filtering systems. I know this will sound like a lot, but when it comes to keeping everything clean in a sand bottom system, belive me, it's nececary. Those filters include as follows: Currently the lighting system is made of one 10,000K VHO daylight flourescent and one actinic. I keep my pH at 6.5 in soft water. All ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates are virtually non-existant as of date. Hopefully very soon I will be making another addition to the system. I plan on purchasing a more efficient wet/dry system in the near future.

Now that you know the setting, lets talk about each of my fish in a little more detail. Click Next Page to proceed.

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