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I would like to dedicate this whole page to a very special lady, who came into my
life when I was just about to give up on most of the human race. She has shown me
that there are still good people out there in the great abyss of life. This lady truly
knows the wolf; her spirit runs with the pack, her heart feels their pain. She is
constantly trying to educate people in finding the wolf, the true wolf and not some
evil beast from a fairy tale. She has also given so much devotion, time and effort in
helping our brothers and sisters. Her battle against cruelty is no longer falling on
deaf ears, world-wide her fight goes from strength to strength. She has given so much
and deserves some recognition for her work, and the best possible way in which to do
this is to petition our governments on animal issues, yes creatures great and small
have rights too!

This lady's love and understanding of the wolf inspired me to write this poem about her...

The Lady With The Wolf In Her Eyes

Strength, courage and compassion
I feel it all around, especially when she's near.
The love she holds for the wolf
is strong and oh so clear.

her eyes meet mine, she begins to smile,
a smile that offers trust and hope.
In a time of endless heartaches
she gives us fortitude
when we feel we can no longer cope.

As this lady reaches the depths of my soul
I give her the gift of my sight,
in the hope that she can teach others
that we are not the savage
deadly demons of the night.

This lady warms my heart and being,
and without apprehension I offer her my paw.
This night I've gained a friend for life
who can pledge me love and so much more.

Tears of joy run down her cheeks
I taste the bittersweet flow,
I kiss the lips of kindness
and she knows that I know.

One day in some far off place
for all the world to see,
she'll be watching us from a distance
running wild and running free.

The time came for us to part,
no sad farewell's, no long goodbye's,
I'll always carry a part of her with me,
this very special lady
with the wolf in her eyes!

© Storm Wolf. 1998

The Spirit Wolf spoke to me and said, "Look into my eyes, search your soul,
there you will find the truth!"

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