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This page has my most treasured gifts from friends
of the heart who have touched my spirit and honoured
me with their friendship and support. They mean more
to me than words can say and I feel so proud that they
consider me worthy of such gifts.
Please click any of the awards below and visit their beautiful sites.

My first award! It will always be special to me.

Babe on HD Award

Your website is truly beautiful. I am going to link to it, and also, I want you to have an
award I made. It's a new award, and you are only the second to have won it.

I am honoured that you think my site deserves such a wonderful award;
this means so much to me. Thank you Babe!

Spirit Wolf Award

Than you so much Spirit Wolf for such a beautiful award,
I am truly honoured.

Lady Wolfheart's Gift

Thank you Lady Wolfheart for this lovely gift.

I am very proud and honoured to receive Coolgal's Award.
Thank you so much.

Thank you Scarlett for such a lovely award, I'm honoured.

I was surprised and delighted to receive such an honour.
Thank you so much Shih Wolf.

You have a beautiful spirit filled site that is friendly
to all eyes.Our award is given generally to sites that
represent christianity, or have christian content.
We would be delighted for you to accept our Christian
Web Site Award of excellence, and would be happy to add
a link to your site. JIM FOSTER

I was very surprised and delighted to receive this award
Thank you Jim.

Congratulations. I have visited your site and I think it certainly deserves an award. It is a good quality site and I hope that it fulfils all that you set out to achieve. No doubt that you will receive many awards for a site of this nature. I will visit back from time to time, to check the site still exists. Your site has been given the Bronze Award for Outstanding Quality. This award has been granted to you by JUNO ENTERPRISES (A A Project Juno).
I would like to thank Juno Enterprises for this lovely award, thank you so much.

Thank you so much Katerina for this lovely award.