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Raven was so lonely. One day he paced back and forth on the sandy beach
feeling quite forlorn. Except for the trees, the moon, the sun, water and a few
animals, the world was empty. His heart wished for the company of other
creatures. Suddenly a large clam pushed through the sand making an eerie
bubbling sound. Raven watched and listened intently as the clam slowly
opened up. He was surprised and happy to see tiny people emerging from
the shell. All were talking, smiling, and shaking the sand off their tiny
bodies. Men, woman, and children spread around the island. Raven was
pleased and proud of his work. He sang a beautiful song of great joy and
greetings. He had brought the first people to the world.

--Creation Story
of the Northwest Coast.

One day the Great Spirit collected swirls of dust from the four directions
in order to create the Comanche people. These people formed from the
earth had the strength of mighty storms. Unfortunately, a shape-shifting
demon was also created and began to torment the people. The Great Spirit
cast the demon into a bottomless pit. To seek revenge the demon took
refuge in the fangs and stingers of poisonous creatures and continues to
harm people every chance it gets.

Creation Story of the Comanche.

When there was nothing on this world, except for a man and a woman.
The woman came to a hole in the ice; she reached in and felt something;
so she pulled it out! It was a caribou and it was this animal which they
needed for their food and clothing. For many years there were so many
caribou that the people called them lice, but soon the hunting killed off
all the fat healthy animals until all that were left were the weak sick ones.
Soon they began to breed and multiply and the herd became weak and
sick, the people came back to the woman to ask her what to do! The woman
went back to the hole in the ice because she needed a tool to cut the
sickness out of the herd, and the wolf was born.
The wolves hunted the caribou and killed off all the weak sick ones and
the herd became strong again.

Origin Unknown.

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