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I have a vision, the buffalo are plentiful and once more there is
food in our children's mouths and laughter in their hearts.
I have a vision, my brother the wolf has returned and all is well.
I have a vision, I am free...I can dream!
Storm Wolf

Please let me share with you my love for the wolf

To love is to share,
to share one's dreams
is to love.
To have a dream is to hope.
To follow one's dream
is to live...

© Copyright 1998. Storm Wolf

My site is mainly about wolves and Native Americans as both topics
are dear to my heart and I believe the two are closely connected.
I will also be including a section on the German Shepherd dog.
Inside you will find links to some very wonderful and informative
sites which will amaze you; they truly are beautiful.

Thank You Midnight Sun For Believing In Me!

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