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When the wolf comes calling
and the snow kisses the tip of my brow.
In the land of dreams and nightmares
there will be confusion all around.
For I will be found guilty of a crime
that can not be forgiven nor forgotten.
I have drained the life force of love,
and only my solitude was the foundation
of my actions.

Sweet dreams I whispered softly as the
eternal veil of slumber descended upon my
love, my life, my being.
And through the mists of time no mortal soul
could imagine the anguish that has been
bestowed upon me.

©Copyright 1998, Storm Wolf

Broken Wings
With damaged wings
I walk the night
in search of who I am.
And by the moonlight waters edge
I see a broken man.

With empty eyes
he looks at me
hoping for a sign,
but there is nothing I can give him
for those empty eyes are mine.

I want to learn to fly again
like an eagle in the sky,
I want to run with the wolf
and hear their loving cry.

I want to learn to live again
and taste the fruits of love.
Help me mend my broken wings
my angel from above.

©Copyright 1998, Storm Wolf

The beautiful artwork on this page is by Destiny's Lady