The reflective eyes of the she-wolf
full of pain, stared into the night.
She stood at the waters edge
saw herself in the clear moonlight.

She arched her proud head back and howled
her anguish and pain to release,
the sounds echoed back from the rocks
Stirring the water, the moon and the trees.

Again her cry, again and again
until her sadness was spent.
Her shoulders turned, she dragged her legs
slowly back to her place of torment.

She stopped at the clearing, feeling empty,
before her lay her mate
for many years they had roamed the forest
together, forever, but for fate.

She nudged him gently once again
just checking, although she knew
he had not moved or drawn a breath
for the waning of five moons.

For five lonely days she kept her vigil
she had not left his side
save to cry into each night,
her only question, Why?

She heard the noise, which took his life away
she ran to him when she heard his cry.
She watched helpless as his spirit left his body,
hopeless as the light left his eyes.

Weakened now, beyond redemption
she lay beside him one last time.
Soon the mist would take her to him
once again, to run free at his side.

Copyright © 1998...Midnight Sun

Graphics by Silverhawk ©1998.