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Spirit of the Wolf

'What is the name of the place you left so long ago?'
I asked. He turned towards me, the light of stars
in his eyes, and the wandering moon in his old fur
I never knew a wolf could look so vulnerable.
'Home,' he replied.

© William Horwood..1995

My brother the wolf has gone!
His soul found its way
into the spirit world,
lifted on the wind
above the grandeur and beauty
of mother earth.

His family hungry his mate distressed,
the old grey's hunting skills put to the test.

To love is to share.
To share one's dreams
is to love.
To have a dream is to hope.
To follow one's dream
is to live...

© Storm Wolf...1998

Thanks to Sam Silverhawk for the wonderful feather bars
and to Wildhorse for the background and buttons