A Tribute To Tammy

Image of Tammy

Tammy came into my life when she was only 6 weeks old; she melted into my heart and has
been there ever since. We shared so much together, so much so that we were in tune with
each other. She always knew what I was thinking and when I was feeling down she would
come and place her head on my lap and look up at me as if to say, 'I am here for you.' That
is the greatest comfort that anyone could ask for. We were one.

We had 13 glorious years together, and in all that time we had never been parted, then in
the month of her birth she died in my arms! I was devastated. That was over 2 years ago
and a day never goes by that she isn't in my thoughts. As long as my heart beats and there
is breath in my body, her memory will never die.

Dogs truly are some of natures finest jewels, dazzling
us in so many ways.
They understand us so well, encouraging us to carry
on when things look bleak.
Then they share our happiness with an enthusiasm and love
second to none when the sun shines once again in our lives.

We none of us know just how long we are destined to
stay on this Earth,
but if that time is spent with those whom we love faithfully
and who in return love us as family,
then surely our lives have been blessed.

Always remember your precious dog with love,
knowing that kindred spirits will, in the fullness of time,
be reunited.

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