The wolf is a Great Teacher. Like the Wild Wolf, he is the pathfinder
of new ideas and ways of thinking. The moon offers the wolf knowledge
and wisdom of the inner hidden self.

The Medicine of Wolf offers those who possess it and those around them
introspection of the mind and the intutive knowledge to take the right path.

You have two animal spirits who walk with you, one on your left and one
on your right. These animals appear to you in dreams and visions to guide
and protect you along the path of life. you also have a guide within you
which envelopes and surround your very being. It is through this guide
that you derive your personal strength, and it is with this animal's
Medicine that you can shape your path in life.

Medicine connects you with the mysteries of the Great Spirit. It has the
ability to heal the body, the mind and the spirit. It is with this Medicine
that you draw personal power and strength.

Your guides may call to you from your dreams, or may suggest themselves
in your mind's eye. You can also choose a guide for the Medicine you wish
to possess, and for the protection that Medicine brings.

In Earth Medicine you have three primary Totems: a Birth Totem, a
Directional Totem, and a Elemental Totem. Your Birth Totem is the
embodiment of core characteristics that correspond with the dominant
aspects of Nature during your birth time...My Birth Totem is the WOLF!

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