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Stuart Murdoch

Artist, Photographer, Teacher

Stuart Murdoch uses cameras and teaches Photoshop.

Stuart Murdoch, teaches photography courses. He has plenty of information he wishes to share with you, he makes art using several cameras. He publishes alfotonet, an irregular publication of fine art photography, amongst many other online and hardcopy projects.

His photographic art can now be found on flickr amongst many other places.

He teaches photography and web design. He also keeps a photography blog.

These days his cyber photo activity is hosted many places on the web, a large an ongoing photo gallery exists at flickr, and he has various blogs that examine, photography, an ongoing experiment in web publishing using nothing more than a mobile phone, no photoshop no post-production just capture and upload, when the fancy takes him.This is one of many projects he hosts using tumlbr, others take the form of longer running projects desigend for the web, such as the back step at work and my back step.

His online activity is best explored from his about page on his website,or,claim id pageor his page.

These days it's all about the social web, try; twitter, facebook, instagram [s2art],

Photography Links galore, on my site or via