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Sundance Astrology


Birth Charts
A 15-18 page booklet which includes your astrological chart and an analysis of your outlook, self-expression, emotions, intellect, romance, passion, inhibitions, imagination, spiritual rebirth, ineffective behavior, career, home life, fortune, the 12 house cusps and a detailed summary. $10.00
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Compatability Charts
A complete summary of one partner's strengths and weaknesses, and how the other balances and affects areas such as emotions, intellect, inhibitions, imagination and more. Also includes overlaid astrological charts for both partners. 10-15 page booklet. $10.00
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Daily Transits
For an upcoming significant date in your life (wedding, graduation, start of a new career) review the planetary positions that may affect the outcome. Passion, luck, change and advancement, and desire to improve. 7-10 page booklet. $5.00
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