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Sundance Creativity -- Poetry Reference Links


We're pleased to finally present the first edition of our online reference links collection. You can expect this resource to grow continually as we find new sites with useful information for poets.

At this time, the links are categorized by subject only. In the near future we will also have an alphabetical listing and a search utility to help you find the exact reference you need.

Please email us with any references you would like to see included here.


Online Poetry
Links to well-known poetry online, for browsing or searching for a specific poem.
Reference Tools
Dictionaries, thesauri, etc.
Miscellaneous References
Other useful research tools.
Style and Form
Assorted references on writing poetry, types of poetry, grammar, etc.
Copyright Information
U.S., Canandian and Australian copyright law. (Still looking for a good online reference for the U.K.)
Poetry Organizations
Membership societies, etc. from the U.S. and U.K.
Getting Published
Lists of poetry e-zines, guidelines, tips on how to get published.
General / Miscellaneous
General poetry-related sites; fun poetry stuff.
Poetry Buddies
Links to our friends and family in the poetry community.

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This page last updated September 26, 1999

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