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'Sunset,' by Norman Rockwell Puppy Love Stories

"The best way to love is like a child: pure, innocent, and without hesitation."

On this site are short stories of young love, 
written by Timothy Bishop.

Hydro and Niagra
is about a pair of kids who are not sure what love 
really is, but they feel it anyway.

Elek and Elektra
is about a guy and a girl who go looking 
for adventure, and find each other.

The Canvas
is a true hug story!

Mark and Suzy
is about a girl who needs love, 
but will she dare to take it when offered to her?

All In Good Time
is about what Curt wants to do for
the most beautiful girl in school.

Visit Sweet Home.
"Sunset," by Norman Rockwell, courtesy of Len & Regina's Norman Rockwell Gallery.
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