Objective:   Seeking sponsorship in the Late Model Division.  Tracks including:  The Fabulous Bedford Speedway, Thunder Valley Raceway, "The Rock" Allegheny Co. Speedway, Latrobe Speedway, Hagerstown Speedway,  Challenger Raceway, and Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway.                                                                                                                 

Yr.             Division            Statistics              Accomplishments
      '90-'92       Pure Stock       15 Feature Wins   '90   Rookie Of The Year                                                                                  '91   Track Champion
      '93-'94       Street Stock       3 Feature Wins    '93   A.R.C.H. Award                                                                                        '93  Rookie Of The Year

        '95-'97       Semi-Late        15 Feature Wins    '95   Rookie Of The Year

      '98-'01       Late Model        1 Feature Win       '98   Rookie Of The Year

* In 2001 the team qualified for 3 STARS and 3 MACS races.  Including The Pittsburgher; finishing 15th, The Big Kahuna;  finishing 20th, and Fall Fest; finishing 11th.


Car# 84    Body: 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
               Chassis:  2000 & 2002 Rocket
               Engines:  Chevrolet 428 & 430 C.I.  built by Rhodes Performance                                    Machine
               Owner: Kay Sweitzer

Driver       Rodney Sweitzer
               Born:  12/19/65
                Family:  Wife Becky
               Occupation:  Equipment Operator
              Experience: 12 years racing

Crew      Mark McClellan, Joe Moyer, Jeff Gary, Dan Little, Jamie Rowland, &  Mike Bowser

Sponsorship : In exchange for your monetary contribution, your company name and or logo will be displayed on the car for the entire season.  It will also be on the back of the new Sweitzer  Racing T-Shirts that are sold throughout the year.                                                                                                         

            *Dollar amount determines portion of car bought by a sponsor.

Advertisement: We will compete at local race tracks such as The Fabulous Bedford Speedway, Thunder Valley  Raceway,"The Rock" Allegheny Co. Speedway, Latrobe Speedway, &  Challenger Raceway. We also plan to attend as many STARS & MACS specials as possible.                                                                                                       
   ** Each race track &  sanctioning body has pictures of the cars & drivers available every week.

References : 

                   Thunder Valley Raceway Track Promoter:  Willard Will                                   (814)754-8088
                       The Fabulous Bedford Speedway & "The Rock" Allegheny Co.                         Speedway General Manager:  Terry Wilcher  (814)623-2787