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cyberstalkers and personal security/privacy issues

Cyberstalking...a non-issue? Can't ever happen to you? Take some time to reshape your thinking about the online world. Yes, there are many wonders of modern technology to be found on the Net, but, just as in the outside world, there are con artists, scams, and even people whose reality may differ widely from your own. For your own personal safety and security, I urge you to take the time to read about some of the possible means of protecting yourself while still experiencing the joys of surfing...

Have you ever been verbally harrassed in a chatroom, received unwelcome chat, Usenet or E-Mail material? Has your privacy, your sense of personal space been invaded unexpectedly? If so, I am hoping that we can all now benefit from each other's experiences in order to make the Net a safe haven for all of its weary travellers...

Take some time to explore the links below and learn some of the issues involved...In the very near future I hope to place a submission form on this page and to include personal stories and tips on methods that worked for you, the reader...

Web Psychos, Stalkers and Pranksters: How to Protect Yourself in Cyberspace - "True Names" and Other Dangers: Visit this site and see what others can see when you visit a web site

Internet Stalking and Online Harassment

Cyberstalking: Crime Enforcement and Personal Responsibility in the On-Line World

Savvy Parent Tips On Avoiding Child Stalkers On the Net

The Women's White

WHOA! Women Halting Online Abuse

Privacy? Check Out This Revealing Article

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