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Sony VP\Email client

Sony have their very first (as far as I know) VP available for download! This from the Post Pet Web Page:

"PostPet is an easy, user-friendly E-mail software. A cute virtual pet lives in the house in your PC and it carries your E-mail. We hope that the users can enjoy the communication over E-mail and the lovely pets."

3D Tam!

Bandai of Japan have released a program called Polygon Tamagotchi. The following comes with much thanks to Amy Sasaki:

"Polygon Tamagotchi is a CD Rom available in 
Japan for about 3800 yen from BDEC.  It runs on a 166 mhz or higher Win
95 or WIn NT4.0 or higher platform, and requires 60 MB or more.  There's
a sample available for download (contact me if the readme file needs to
be translated).  The graphics settings should be 640 by 480 HI Colour 16
bit.  You take care of a little 3d tam who frolicks on your desktop, and
sends your e-mail.  Only one e-mail can be sent at a time (Tams being
not too smart) and, depending on your character, the tam may garble,
misinterpret, or change your message.  The person you're sending the tam
to does NOT need the program.  "

To download a demo version (which is the closest most of us are ever going to get to having one :P ) go to http://polytama.channel.or.jp

Giga Fighter licenses

Tiger Toys have licensed some big names for their new Giga Fighters (read- DigiMon). Available now (or soonish in your area) you will find the following Giga Fighters: Aliens vs Predator, Small Soldiers (?), Xena Warrior Princess, Marvel Comics (X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk etc), Jurassic Park, World Championship Wrestling, Batman & Robin, Tech Warriors, Men In Black and Mortal Kombat. Yesiree, Tiger have had the checkbook out this month. Anyway, the great news is that you'll be able to link your fighter from one genre to another and have them do battle, for instance a WCW wrestler vs Aliens & Xena vs Batman... Look out for these terrific new Gigas near you!

TA Cybie Contest

As well as giving away Tam Angel's, Bandai are also holding a contest to win TA Cybies. Click here to enter!

Tam Angel - Fox Kids Comp.

Fox Kids, the US kids cable channel is running a competition in conjunction with Bandai to win Tamagotchi Angels. For more details watch Fox Kids between May 11-23.

Surf Monkey CD-ROM

Although I'm not entirely sure WHAT exactly Surf Monkeys are, I have a feeling they're like Sea Monkeys, the "just add water" pet that was popular in the 60's until everyone realised they were growing what appeared to be pulp from orange juice. But in any case, Bandai Digital Entertainment (BDEC) are releasing a Virtual Pet CD-ROM starring them, which should be out the same time as the DigiMon CD ROM (June). Aaaaaaaahem. Please disregard the aforementioned, as it is completely WRONG. Yes, thank you to everyone who wrote in and told me that Surf Monkeys is actually a "kiddy" Internet Browser, than a VP. Now if anyone wants to write and and tell me how to remove my foot from my mouth...

No more Tamagotchis!

Yes, it's true. Bandai America have stopped producing P1&2 Tams, in favour of Tam Angels, Ocean, Forest and DigiMons. Will they be re-released? Well, probably. But for now, hold onto your mamechi and mimichi, because you won't be able to get a new one for a while.

Osu & Mesu Gameboy

Osuchi & Mesuchi are coming to the Nintendo Gameboy! Osu & Mesu were the original mating VP's by Bandai, and in the Gameboy version you will be able to link via the GB link cable, to a friend and have you Osu & Mesu's mate, or simply grow multiple Osu & Mesu's in one game and mate them. No news on a local release, but you should be able to find a copy in a local import store.

Rumours Ahoy!

Well, obviously these should be down the bottom of the page, but as no-one reads down there, and from what I've heard most people don't even bother to let the page load to the bottom because it's so long, I'm putting 'em here... These are blatant rumours, which are probably incorrect, although some may have some substance (especially DM4) so don't totally disregard them.

DigiMon 3

DigiMon 3 will be hitting the streets of Japan, right about... now! Yes, D3 is out, with new colours, new characters and new fighting scenes. For animation of the new characters and other pictures (and information if you can read Japanese), click here. Any chance of a local release? Unlikely, as D2 are yet to be released locally, and the VP craze is (let's face it) wheezing it's last breaths, but hey, that's just my speculation. Prove me wrong Bandai!

The official Japanese DigiMon 3 colours are:

Down Under Digi's!

DigiMon's have FINALLY arrived in Australia! *Dances for joy* According to Toys R Us they arrived on the 17th of April, and are available nationwide from Toys R Us stores for $29.95. Could (dare I say it) Tam Angels be next? Look for the DigiMon banners and promotions at a store near you!

Local Ocean & Garden Tamagotchi's

Bandai America have hinted on their page that a local release of Ocean & Garden (Forest) Tamagotchi's is closer than you think, possibly even before a release in Japan! This not-too-cyptic puzzle is found in the Tamagotchi section : "A Puzzle to Ponder: Gardeners love it 'cause one fits in the hand; the other's deep as an ocean yet contained in an egg! What is it? Find the answer here, soon!" For rumours on both these new tams, check out the rumours section at the bottom of the page.

Garden and Ocean Tams are definately coming, keep your eyes peeled for a late March\April release!

Ok, Garden and Ocean Tams are now out at most Toys R Us and Wal Mart stores accross the US. They both have motion sensors like Tamagotchi Angel's, unfortunately none of the rumours about them (see bottom of page) are true. There are a few new software additions though. With Tam Gardens you can choose what type of egg you want to hatch and you can adjust the temperature for your bug. Tam Ocean's have a new "treasure chest" feature, any help on what this is would be appreciated. To see the Tam Garden sales sheet, click here. To see the sheet for Tam Ocean, click here.

It seems that Tam Ocean and Forest are NOT out across the entire US, but selected parts. If you've seen a TO or TF, tell me, and I'll post a list of states or area's they're available.

- Thanks to Kasper3333@aol.com who was first to find this info and tell me.

Ocean & Garden UK release

Things are looking good for a winter (OK, your summer...) release in the UK and the rest of Europe. Keep your fingers twisted and your eyes crossed!

Tam Video!

A Tamagotchi video, called "Fun stuff on video" has been released in the US by Bandai. It runs for 45 minutes, stars your favourite tam characters, has a "How to draw Tamagotchi" section and Tam music! Interestingly, it is co-produced with 7th Level who made the Tam CD-ROM, although they were not assosciated with the DigiMon CD, or the much rumoured Tam CD II. For further info, call (714) 816 9781.

New Tamagotchi CD ROM

Bandai Digital Entertainment ( http://www.bdec.com or http://www.bandai.com ) have announced a new Tamagotchi CD ROM for PC's! Although from what I can gather, it looks to be virtually identical to the original Tam CD, Bandai maintain that this is a new product, "Tamagotchi 98". Like the original, it sells for $19.95 and is designed for Windows 95.

Tamagotchi Happy Meal

McDonalds around the US are planning a Tamagotchi Happy Meal deal after the upcoming Mulan Happy Meal deal. The Tamagotchi Happy Meal should arrive around July 98. For more info, go to http://www.happytoy.com .

A million thankyous to Kasper3333@aol.com

Local DigiMon II

Apparently DigiMon II's are out at Toys R Us stores in Houston, in clear red and transparent. Actually, this should probably be in the rumours section, but heck, no-one checks down there anyway do they?

The clear DigiMons are apparently NOT DigiMon II's (98), but a second wave of DigiMon I colours.

Things have been hotting up on the DigiMon II front, with quite a few people claiming they have seen them. Below is a link to the Bandai DigiMon II sales sheet. The DM2's are looking at an American Spring release.

The official name for DigiMon II in the US is DigiMon 98.

- Thanks to Kasper3333@aol.com who is always the first to find the latest Bandai salesheet, Parker Twede and Drew Landerman.

Click here for DM2 sales sheet.

UK Tamagotchi Angel release

Tamagotchi Angels are to be released in the UK in mid-March according to Bandai UK. Hopefully this will also mean a release in Australia and New Zealand, but don't hold your breath.

Japanese Oceangotchi & Forestgotchi

Oceangotchi and Forestgotchi are now out in Japan. They are reportedly both almost identical to the American versions.

- Thanks to Frank Ballard 3rd

DigiMon CD-ROM

The Tamagotchi CD-ROM was a reasonable success, so now from Bandai Digital Entertainment comes the DigiMon CD-ROM! Althought the 7th Level, the company that really "made" the Tam CD-ROM are not involved on the Digi CD, hopefully it will maintain the same level of quality. It is being written by Rapture Technologies and being published by BDEC in June 98 for a RRP of $19.95 (US). For more, go to http://www.pathfinder.com/money/latest/press/PW/1998Feb17/952.html.

MORE Gigas!

Just out: Giga Fighters (ala DigiMon) and Giga Rugrats (from the Nickelodeon cartoon show). The Rugrats pet includes a lot of animation and speech samples from the TV show (and upcoming movie. But shh! I didn't tell you that...)

Tiger Toys have released their 1998 Giga Pet line up (which looks VERY exciting!) There are far too many to detail here, so for more information go to http://www.virtualpet.com/vp/farm/gigapet/1998gpl/1998gpl.htm and http://www.gigapets.com/. Of special interest though, are the Giga Fighters that allow you to connect your pet to your PC and the Internet and download new characters!

Tamagotchi World 64

According to Virtual Pet Tips & Tricks magazine, Tamagotchi World 64 is due out in the US in Mid October.

Tamagotchi World 64 is now out in Japan! Take a look at the picture below! According to a British Nintendo 64 magazine, Bandai and HudsonSoft are developing a virtual pet for the Nintendo, entitled 'Tamagotchi World 64' -

Tamagotchi World 64
Bandai has released vidio footage of the ultimate Tamagotchi - a N64 version of the pocket pet which has all-new features and over 50 species of beasties. The action revolves around a strange board game, and as you land on different squares a variety of things happen to your virtual critter. There's a casino, a haunted house, a school and all sorts of other scenarios where you get to play loads of mini-games. Unlike the original Tanagotchi keyring, this intricate Nintendo 64 version should hold your intrest for months rather than seconds......

- Thanks to Nathan Denne

Click here for pictures of Tamagotchi World 64

New DigiMon colours!

A second generation of DigiMon colours has arrived in the US! So far I know of clear yellow and clear red. More as they come.

Tamagotchi Easter Eggs

Bandai have released Tamagotchi Easter Eggs, in the UK at least, at Marks & Spencers stores. They are hollow eggs with a Tam character embedded on the egg.

Tiger bought by Hasbro

Tiger Electronics, maker of the Giga Pets have been bought by Hasbro Inc. for an estimated $US335 million dollars. Hopefully none of this will affect the production of the Giga line.

Nano Doubles

Just when you thought it was safe to buy another VP, Playmates go and release ANOTHER Nano Pet. This new pet, called a Nano Double, is basically the same as the original cat and dog Nano's, except that it's a two-in-one deal with both cat and dog in one pet. Theother minor changes are the ability to name your pet and a pause button.

Nintendo Pocket VP

Nintendo Japan are planning to release their first keychain virtual pet. "Pocket Pikachu" is based on the popular Pocket Monster Pikachu, who is also getting his own Nintendo 64 game (see below). Although no official comment has been made by Nintendo of America, there is a fair chance Pocket Pikachu will be released in America in late 98 when NOA plans to release Pocket Monsters locally.

Tamagotchi Gameboy sales

According to Famitsu magazine, Tamagotchi for the Gameboy was the second highest selling Nintendo game for 1997 in Japan, and the eighth highest on any platform. Here are the top ten:

1. Pocket Monster (GameBoy)
2. Final Fantasy VII (PSX)
3. Derby Stallion (PSX)
4. Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX)
5. Saga Frontier (PSX)
6. Minna no Golf (PSX)
7. Intelligent Cube (PSX)
8. Tamagotchi (GameBoy)
9. PaRappa the Rapper (PSX)
10. Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon (PSX)

Looney Tunes GigaPet

Tiger Toys have just released a new GigaPet that contains all the favourite Looney Tunes characters and responds to your voice! This is from the Tiger Toys GigaPet website ( http://www.gigapets.com )

"What's up, Doc? Just the greatest Giga Pet ever invented! Imagine Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Tweety, Yosemite Sam, and Road Runner all in one game! Plus special appearances by Marvin the Martian, Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester and more great surprises! Play with them, feed them, train them, clean them--and much much more! They even respond to your voice! Imagine training your favorite characters to do the action that's made them so hilariously famous! This latest, greatest Giga Pet also has cool sound effects plus special secrets you unlock with hidden codes!"


From http://www.gigapets.com :

"Welcome to the Giga Pound, where you can choose your very own puppy. The Giga Pound is home to eight unique breeds of dogs, all waiting for you to take them home. Every dog behaves differently, from tiny terriers, to loyal Labradors, each with its' own barking, playing and learning features. If you take good care of your dog, you can add another, and another, and another--you can care for a total of four dogs at one time, all in the same Giga Pet!"

The Angelgotchi Situation

According to http://www.mar-stev.com, Angelgotchi's are to be released locally in Spring 98 in the US (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere). Apparently the name has been changed from "Angelogotchi" to "Tamagotchi Angel ", but just about everything else seems the same as the Japanese version. Here is a picture of the case, note the words "Tamagotchi Angel" at the top instead of "Angelgotchi". Many people from across the US have seen signs up in local Targets, K-Mart, KB Toys and Toys R Us stores advertising Tamagotchi Angel's, and some have even started selling them! Keep a sharp eye out at your shopping center and be the first in your neighbourhood with a Tamagotchi Angel! The colours are the three original pearlized colours (white, blue and pink) and three new pastel colours - light jade, baby blue and light yellow.

Adding to the confusion over the exact date of Tamagotchi Angel release, the Bandai America site says "Tamagotchi Angels will be flying onto this site in February".

Well, as of January 29, Angel Tamagotchi's were officially released onto the North American market! Although clearly aimed at females (Bandai says they are "sure to appeal to females of all ages") they proved very popular with both sexes and most stores sold out of them within hours of receiving shipments, reminiscent of the early days of the Tamagotchi craze.

There have apparently been a few changes to the original Japanese version, with less characters, different icons, different egg deco, but more colours. No word on a European or Australian release, although I would guess, ohh, about 2005 =)

Click here to see the Tamagotchi Angel sales sheet.

DigiMon II and III

DigiMon II's were released in Japan during December 1997, with a possible May 1998 local (US) release. DigiMon II's have all new colours and characters, such as a whale, a cat and a snowman (!) DigiMon III is rumoured for release in Japan in Spring 98.

DigiMons in Canada & England

DigiMons have been released at Wal-Marts in Canada and toy stores around England.

Tamagotchi Jigsaws

To add to the ever growing plethora of Tamagotchi products, jigsaw puzzles have been released (100 pieces) at Target and Toys R Us stores in the US.

Tamagotchi Angel Cybies

Tamagotchi Angel Cybies have just been released in the USA (strangely before Tamagotchi Angels themselves). Click here for the Tamagotchi Angel Cybies salesheet.

Pocket Monsters VP

Pocket Monsters, a role playing game for the Nintendo Gameboy is the latest craze to hit Japan. Now, a virtual pet of one of the Pocket Monsters characters - Pickachu is being developed for the Nintendo 64. "Pickachu Genki Dechu" is a virtual pet that lets you talk with a microphone to your pet, who will react to your speech. More news as it comes.

Virtual Pet Magazines

Two virtual pet magazines are now available in both the US and the UK. "Tamagotchi" co-published by Bandai is aimed more at the 4-8 year old market with mazes and cartoons, whereas 'Virtual Pet Secrets' is more for the collector of virtual pets and includes listings of colour
schemes available for each Phase of Japanese, American and European Tamagotchi.

New Bandai VP's

Bandai Japan has released two new limited edition virtual pets - "Mothrachi" the famous enemy of Godzilla and "Genjinchi" a Beijing Prehistoric man.

"Both of these pets are remarkably similar, and they are in tamagotchi
eggs. The icons are basically the same. Check Status is just like tama.
4 hearts for happy and hungy, discipline meter, age and weight. The
games are the same on both; Select game icon, push A to guess which one
of 4 holes the moth is in, and push B to enter your selection. On the
Genjin, you guess which hole the bones are in.  Mothra eats a leaf for a
meal and something that looks like a little cupcake for a snack. Genjin,
being a prehistoric caveman, eats meat for a meal, and mushrooms for a
snack. When Genjin is sick, 2 little figures come out and dance around
him and beep. In general, these are just like a new kind of tamagotchi."

Thanks to Vickie who owns a pair!

DigiMon local release

Bandai America are planning to release a local version of the DigiMon (short for DigiMonster) this holiday season! DigiMonster's are virtual pets that you raise like tamagotchi's to adulthood, then you can link two together and let them do battle with each other! They were tremendously popular with boys in Japan, and may be just what is needed to get sales of Virtual Pets going again. DigiMon is available in red, dark blue, light blue and yellow. It was released in a limited supply on December 5th at Toys R Us in New York. The rest of America will get them late December\early January. For more info go to http://www.bandai.com.

DigiMon's have now been released just about everywhere around North America, with Bandai guaranteeing that they would be in all stores nationwide this week. This is apparently due to a large shipment of DigiMon's arriving earlier than expected. No word on a European\Australian release.

The official Bandai America web page now has a new tip on raising DigiMon's each week - http://www.bandai.com

"Wedding" Tamagotchis

A new, completetly different type of Tamagotchi is coming. In August, about 1440 pairs of "Wedding Tamagotchis" were test marketed in Japan. The official name is "Osutchi & Mesutchi" which means Boygotchi and Girlgotchi. You raise two seperate tams, in seperate eggs one male and one female, to adulthood, and then they "get married", by connecting them together and they have children which you can raise. Rumours are circulating that Osutchi & Mesutchi may be released before Forestgotchi and Oceangotchi.

Bandai have finally released a commercial model of Osutchi & Mesutchi in Japan. There are several differences between the test model and the finished product:

The Osutchi & Mesutchi sets come in 3 different colour pairs:

  1. Blue and pink.

  2. White with orange and white with lime green

  3. Transparent and smoke with black and pink trim and smoke and transparent with white and blue trim.

All 6 colours of Osutchi & Mesutchi -

The following is from Vickie (gotchi@webtv.net) who owns a pair of Osutchi & Mesutchi-

"Osutchi and Mesutchi are much like a
regular tam, as far as the icons go. You check age, weight, hungry,
happy, and discipline. The game is a "flag game", where you guess
whether the pet will pick a dark or light flag. They eat rice and candy.
The Status icon is first, followed by food, play, toilet and discipline
on top, and health, light, TMP meter and Mating icons on the bottom. I
am not sure what the TMP meter is for, but there are 2 screens. One says
"TMP" and has from 1 to 4 crowns. Push B again and there is another
screen with more japanese writing, and a number (looks like "1ft"). The
mating icon is a little heart that looks like 2 interlocking pieces."

Many thanks to Vickie!

This page, although in Japanese has pictures of each of the Osutchi & Mesutchi stages and babies - http://www.mediamagic.co.jp/Tamagotch/pet_html/diary/main.htm Thanks again to Vickie for this address.

Click here for the best Osutchi & Mesutchi page on the web!

"Cabbage" Virtual Pet for Nintendo 64

Not only is Tamagotchi World 64 coming out for the Nintendo 64, a virtual pet game "with a twist" is being developed by Nintendo or one of it's second party developers, to be released mid 98. Other than the odd name - 'Cabbage', not much else is known about it. More news as it comes.

Tamagotchi CD-ROM Down Under!

The Tamagotchi CD-ROM has finally been released in Australia and New Zealand! It costs $39.95 (Aus) and can be found in any Target or Myer\Grace Bros. store.

Fighting Nano Pets!

Just as Bandai are releasing DigiMons locally, Playmates (makers of Nano pets) have released their own fighting virtual pet. The following is part of a letter from Kelly Mummert:

I went to my local Toys R Us tonight for some new Tams, and I saw a new
Nano pet.  It was called Nano Fighter, and there were 3 different ones
you could buy - a Sumo Wrestler, a Rough Rider, and something else that
I forget.  Anyway, you train your little fighter, and then you can hook
an unlimited number of these things up for a big brawl via the "Plug N
Slug" port (as opposed to the "Dock N Rock" ports on the Digimon). 
Sure sounds like Nano scooped the Digimon to me! 

- Thanks to Kelly for this.

Bandai hints at January Angel Tam release.

Bandai are hinting at a January release for Angelgotchis or Tamagotchi Angels in the US. On their web site (http://www.bandai.com), the not-too-subtle hint "What has wings and grows in the palm of your hand? The answer coming next month." is in the Tamagotchi section.

New Colours of Tamagotchi!

Another set of colours for our favourite virtual pet has arrived in the US! This is the 4th or 5th (sorry, I can't remember) generation of colours.

Talking Nano Pets

The rumours of a talking Nano Pet have been confirmed! They are available in the USA at Toys R Us stores, and cost $19.99. They are about twice the size of most other virtual pets, designed to hang from your belt. They come in three types, kitty, puppy and baby in assorted colours. They say around 26 different phrases each, like "Feed me!" when they're hungry, and "Thankyou!" once you've fed them, if not you should discipline them.

- Thanks to Kathy Flores and an Anonymous source.

New Gameboy VP

The following is quoted from from NewsWeek Dec. 8th, 1997.

"Don't Give Him Beer

Call it Boyfriend Tamagotchi.  Same idea, but the "pet" in Atlus' new
game for Nintendo's hand-held game Gameboy is a formless adolescent
instead of a alien baby.  Released last week in Japan, the game's title
translates as "Operation Boyfriend Makeover."  The mission:  mold your
digital suitor into a dreamy sophisticate.  Your tools are sound advice,
stimulating chat and gifts, evidently the equivalent of discipline,
petting, and treats for humans.  If you neglect him, he'll end up as a
greasy biker or, worse, a boy who likes to pick roses.  "The game
reflects the reality of today's high-school girls in every aspect," says
a spokeperson."

- Thanks to myst243 for this news.

More new colours!

A new wave of colours is now available in the US, for both gen1(P1) and gen2(P2).

Gen1: Yellow with blue swirls. Pink with white and small characters.

Gen 2: Red with white swirls. Blue with yellow and small characters.

Official Bandai Book

Bandai have finally released an official Tamagotchi book in English called The Official Tamagotchi Care Guide and Record Book! from Andrews McMeel Publishing (Kansas City). Although several official books have been released by Bandai Japan, this is the first official one to be released in English. Other unofficial books include Electronic Pet Care by Tracey West (it contains games, information on starting a Tamagotchi club, bedtime stories to tell your Tam, a Virtual Pet party, tips on raising your pets, a Q&A section, interesting ways to carry your Tam, top 10 reasons why a virtual pet is better than a real pet, the story of Tamagotchis, a diary of your Tam, a checklist to check what type you have, profiles of all of the Tamagotchi characters (both generation 1 & 2) and costs $5.95US); and Tamagotchi Egg: The Unofficial Guide - Intentionally Useless Advice for the Shell Shocked Parent, by Cathy Crimmins and Tom Maeder.

- Thanks (again) to RainFlower for the corrections.

Generation 2 Asian Designs

A new batch of Tam2's (P2's) are available in Australia. They have the standard gen2 workings inside, but the cases are that of the limited edition Asian Design Tams. There were nine Asian designs released, with one representing each of the following countries: Australia, Indonesia, Indea, Malaysia, New Zeland, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnama and Phillipines. I'm not sure if or when they will reach the rest of the world.

Sanrio VP's In Australia

Three different Sanrio Virtual Pets have arrived down under, available at Daimaru in Melbourne Central. KerroKerro Kerroppi lets you raise Kerroppi the frog to adulthood, and Hello Kitty's Metcha Esute lets you raise the famous kitty. They both cost $25(Aus). The third is Hello Kitty Pocket Love, where instead of raising a virtual pet, you have to make two cats to fall in love, which costs $39.95(Aus).


Tamagotchi Board Game reaches Oz!

As previously reported here, Bandai's Australian Distributers (Kidz Biz if I remember correctly) are not planning to ship any Tamagotchi products other than Tams themselves to Australia this year. However, it would seem that Toys R Us themselves have imported the Tamagotchi Board Game and are selling them for $19.95 each. If the board game sells well, there is a chance that other products such as Cybies and Mini Keepers may get shipped over here as well.

Re-release Tam1's

Bandai America are re-releasing the first generation of Tamagotchis, or P1's. They are being re-released in the original gen1 colours, both first and second waves. This is a great chance for those who collect Tams to get the colour they might be missing, or for those with only a gen2 Tam, to get the original.

New Tamagotchi CD-ROM

Following the success of the first Tamagotchi CD-ROM (see below), Bandai Digital Entertainment are releasing a promotional disc called "Tamagotchi: Inside the Egg." It should be available on Windows and Mac by the end of the year.

Local Angelgotchi in doubt

Although this should probably be in the rumours section, because I didn't hear it from Bandai themselves or a known reliable source, but it's rather important so I put it here. Quite a few people have told me that Bandai America may not be releasing Angelgotchis, which would probably (almost certainly) mean that Europe\Australasia won't get them either. Apparently, the reason is since the Virtual Pet craze is dieing down, Bandai thought they'd go for one last big push and release Angelgotchi in time for Christmas, but due to unknown problems, they were unable to get them in time, and now believe that the market is not strong enough for there to be a post-new year release. I have to stress that this is a RUMOUR, no-one directly connected with Bandai has denied or confirmed it, so don't get too worried just yet.

New Virtual Pet from Bandai

Bandai have released a new Virtual Pet, called a Wave UFO. This is very different to a conventional VP, it feeds on radio and microwaves. That is, the signals that your radio and TV etc. pick up, and turn into sound and pictures. When the Wave UFO picks up these waves, it changes into a new character. For different results, hold it near other appliances, like mobile phones, walkie talkies and CB radios. Wave UFO's went on sale at the end of October in Japan, in silver, red, white and yellow for 2900.

The following is part of a letter from Gordon Kane, who owns a Wave UFO:

"The Wave UFO only feeds off of waves in the 800 MHz - 1.5 GHz range
(although I have a cordless phone and wireless headphones that
transmit in the 900 MHz range, and nothing happened). Since I don't
have a cellular phone, I can't test the 800 MHz range (US phones
operate in the 839 MHz to 869 MHz range, and I don't know if the is
compatible with the Japanese PHS cellular phone standards), but
leaving the Wave UFO outside of the microwave feeds it just fine."

Thanks to Gordon for this information.

Star Wars Gigapets

Tiger Toys have just released two new Star Wars based Giga Pets in the USA. One of the droid R2-D2, and the other of the Jedi master Yoda. No word on when they will reach the rest of the world.

"Real sounds" Gigapets

Along with the new Star Wars Giga Pets, Tiger Toys have re-released several of their older Gigapets with "reals animals sounds". That is, instead of beeping at you, the Gigapets actually sound like real animals. eg- The Compu Kitty meows, the Digital Doggie barks and woofs etc.

No New releases for Europe\Australia

I have confirmed with Bandai and their ditrubuters that there will be no further releases of Tamagotchi products in Europe and Australia for the rest of this year. This means Tamagotchi on the Gameboy, Tamagotchi Cybies, and new colours of Tamagotchis. It is very unfortuante, but Bandai don't see the Euro\Australian market as worth the bother of shipping products to, especially as the virtual pet craze is dieing down. The only (and very slim) chance of getting anything is if Bandai's distrubuters in your country decide to import products from the US or Asia, but this is unlikely as it is very expensive and not worth the time and hassle.

New Colours for Tam2's

A new batch of colours of Tam2's has arrived in the USA. They are as follows:

Click here for pictures!

Tamagotchi Snacks in the USA

Tamagotchi candy is available now in the USA from certain Toys R Us stores. They cost $1.99 and are apparently "small, egg shaped and sugary." They come in cases like tam shells, and are decorated like a 'clock face' Japanese tam.


Tamagotchi Snacks in Australia

Not to be outdone, we down here in Australia also have Tamagotchi snacks. Unlike the American snacks, they're not candy but Roll Ups, which are like sheets of flat fruit. They are covered with pictures of Tams and spaceships which you can, as the the ad suggests, "lick them and stick them" to yourself, leaving you covered in little sticky bits of Roll Up that sort of look like Tamagotchis. Well, it's a nice idea anyway...

Tamagotchi CD ROM

The Tamagotchi CD-ROM has gone on sale in America. This quote is taken from the Bandai Digital Entertainment site.

"Bandai Digital Entertainment is excited to announce that Tamagotchi has come to CD-ROM, with printing, e-mail and screen-saver features, and much more. The Tamagotchi characters now come to life in expressive animations with entertaining voices. "

You can download a demo of the game at http://www.bdec.com/tamagotchi.html


Tamagotchi Competition in Australia

Uncle Toby's, the breakfast cereal and muesli bar company are running a competition that gives you a chance to win 1 of 2500 tam2's each week. For more details, check out http://www.uncletobyshype.com.au or packets of Uncle Toby's products.


Gameboy Tamagotchi 2

With the original Gameboy Tamagotchi just hitting the US, it seems that a Gameboy Tamagotchi 2 has arrived in Japan. Launched on October 17th 1997, it contains the long awaited Forestgotchi and Oceangotchi. Characters for the Forestgotchi include a grub, a moth and two ants. Characters for the Oceangotchi include a jellyfish, a clam and a goldfish. Apparently you can interact with other peoples Gameboy Tams via the Gameboy link cable.


All of the following are at present, ONLY RUMOURS. There has been no evidence to back them up as yet.

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