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I love watching Nascar racing. My favorite driver is Jeff Gordon.

#24 Dupont ChromaLusion

I went to my very first Nascar race a couple weeks ago!!!! I went with a friend to Alabama to the Talladega Superspeedway for the Winston 500!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! What a beautiful site!! I was so overwhelmed with all the beauty & excitement, that I actually cried when the race started & I actually saw Jeff Gordon go past me!! Some may think that that is silly, but it was one of the greatest moments in my life! I have watched him on T.V. for so long, it was QUITE a site to see him there racing before me!! I had the most wonderful time at Talladega!! I want to take this opportunity to thank my friend, Jarett Schuetz, for asking me to go along!! And, some more great news......We are going to Atlanta for the Napa 500 November 8!!!!! I can't believe it......another chance to see Nascar racing in person......and JEFF!! I am so excited!!!



I have just returned from The Napa 500 at Atlanta, and I've got to say that it was the best weekend I have ever had!!
My friend Jarritt & I went to the track very early Sunday morning, and spent the time before the race looking around. Then after a 30 minute delay because of rain, it was time for the race to start. The drivers got in 40 laps, before they had to delay it again, because of rain. This delay lasted about 2 hours and 40 minutes. During this time we shopped at the stands, and met other Nascar fans. They only got in 19 laps, under yellow flag, before it started pouring down rain. We were hoping and praying that somehow, someway we would still get to see a race!!

Alot of people left after hanging around for a hour or so, but I was determined!! I went to see Jeff race, and wasn't going to leave until the officials told me that there was no way, no how, that they would race.
Well, fortuntely, that didn't happen!! After 4 hours, they finally were able to race again!!!!! There wasn't as many people there, but noone cared! Us TRUE DEDICATED Nascar fans stayed!!!!!!! There had been only 59 laps completed at this point of the race.

It was just a little after 9:00 pm, when the drivers were told to restart their cars. So, we all got to witness some history being made. This was the very first Nascar race held at Atlanta Motor Speedway, that would be ran at night, under the lights!!! And what a beautiful sight it was!!!

When the race got underway, Jeff was in second. They ran quite a few laps under yellow flag, making sure the track was safe to race on. Finally, at 9:45 pm the green flag came down again.
It didn't take Jeff long to pass Brett Bodine, lap 88, to take the lead. And what a magnificent run he made. That 24 car was tearing up the track!!!! He was awesome!! You should of seen him, zooming around the track passing everyone!! I had never seen anything like it!! He had to have at least a second and a half to a two second lead over the second place car!
On lap 129, they made a pit stop. The faboulous Rainbow Warriors did such a great job, and made fantastic time on the stop, that Jeff came back out in the lead. He then showed everyone there why he is a 3 time Nascar Champion! He was on fire!! He was going so fast, that he had a little over a 2 second lead over the second place car!!

On lap 192 Nascar ordered a stop, to check the tires on the cars, to see how they were doing on the track, that had been drenched by several hours of rain.
Right before the pit stop was called, Nascar told the crews that they were gonna shorten the race, because of more expected rain. They would only race for 25 more laps.
Jeff came out of the pits in 7th, but got back to the lead in no time!! I knew he would! He had been running to good and to fast, not to be able to take back the lead! And from then on out kept the lead to take the checkered flag!!
He won!!!!!! I couldn't believe that I was actually there to see it!! In person!! I was very excited, needless to say, that I even shed some very joyful tears!!

We then went over to the winners circle and stood outside the fence, and watched Jeff receive his trophy and winnings!!! I was so happy for him!!
After he was finished with the media, he then came over to the fence where we and other fans were standing(him on the inside of course) and went down the fence running his hands down the line touching and shaking hands with his loyal fans!! I couldn't believe it!! He shook my hands!! I was in total shock!!
Then, after a very long, but exciting day, Jeff left and so did we!!

We stayed a second night in Atlanta, so we could go to the Championship breakfast! Jeff came there to meet & greet fans, but we got to the track about 9:00 am(it started at 8:00 am), only to find that we had just missed him!! Oh my, talk about being disappointed!! I was really looking forward to actually meeting him, and talking to him face to face!!

After about an hour or so, I saw his RV parked in the parking lot, and a small crowd of fans, that had started to gather on the other side of the fence from it. I went over there & found out that he was supposed to be coming out of it, to get in a car to go the airport. Oh my, one more chance to see him and just maybe.......

He came out, and waved to the crowd for a couple minutes, then drove away. I was able to get a few good pictures of him and Brooke, before they left.

This was the greatest weekend!!!! Only one thing could have made it better than it have been able to actually meet & talk to Jeff face to face, and a picture of it all!!! I wanted that so badly!!! Hmm...maybe next year!!
I did get to speak to the driver of his RV, and took a couple pictures of him. He was a very nice man....I'm glad I had the chance to meet him. I wrote down the URL of this webpage of mine, and asked him if he would be kind enough to give it to Jeff!! He said that he would!!!
I can only hope and pray that he did!!

Jeff, if you do happen to see this website......I want to say..Congratulations on winning the Atlanta race, and for having such a GREAT year!!
I love to watch you race!! YOU TRULY ARE A CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, one more thing, could you please e-mail me or sign my guestbook, so that I will know that you were here?? THANKS!!!!


Being from Indiana, you could say that I'm a little biased to the Brickyard. And add to that, Jeff winning the Inaugural 400 race, I would have to say that the Brickyard 400 is my favorite track & and my favorite Nascar race!!

Past Brickyard Winners
  • 1998 #24 Jeff Gordon
    Jeff becomes the first 2-time Brickyard 400 winner!!
    Way to go, Jeff!!!!!!!!!

  • 1997 #10 Ricky Rudd

  • 1996 #88 Dale Jarrett

  • 1995 # 3 Dale Earnhardt

  • 1994 #24 Jeff Gordon
    Jeff Gordon wins the inaugural Brickyard 400!!
    The #24 DuPont Chevrolet had an average speed of 131.932 miles per hour. Jeff becomes first driver to have name etched on the PPG Trophy!!!!!!!!!

50 YEARS                OF SPEED

Three time Nascar Winston Cup Champion!!

1995, 1997 & 1998

Last race - California 500 - Winner - JEFF GORDON
Next race - May 15 Pontiac Excitement 400 at Richmond.


I have been watching Auto Racing for several years now, and I feel I have to speak my mind, once & for all. I am really shocked & ashamed at the public who feels that they have to boo & throw things at Jeff Gordon. It upsets me to think that people don't have respect for one another. Jeff Gordon is doing his job, one that he loves, and is great at!! Isn't that what we all want in our own life? To love what we do, and to be successful at it?? Jeff has dominated the Nascar circuit for a few years now....and I respect his talent greatly!! Anyone who claims to like racing......SHOULD TOO!!

The reason for all this disrespect & hatefulness is pure & simple jealousy. Jealously is counter productive. Resenting the success of others, will only inhibit individual achievement. Why would anyone waste time booing a successful competitor? Do these so called race fans have nothing more constructive to do with their time? I respect Jeff, the owners, and the entire team for choosing to look past these so called Nascar fans! That shows a lot of class, something these others know nothing about!!

Jeff's winning has come by the way of GOD given talent, alot of hard work (including the Rainbow Warriors), and just a pinch of good luck. If you non-Gordon fans choose to live your life filled with such hate, then so be it. I really feel sorry for you, knowing that you will never know what it feels like to receive respect. I respect his talent and his moral character, and in the end, will get respect back!!

Give Jeff the respect he has earned!!

Teri Chapman

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