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There Can Be Only One

It must be understood that I have a great love for anything "Highlander". I enjoy the T.V. series as well as the movies. I am the proud owner of Connor's Clan Sword and his Katana blade. However, in my search for things Highlander I noticed one thing. Most of the pages are devoted to the T.V. series and Duncan MacLeod. While I enjoy watching the series (my wife hates it though) one thing runs through my mind....there can be only one. This page is devoted to the one true Highlander...Connor MacLeod.

Connor MacLeod was orn into the clan MacLeod in the villiage of Glenfinnan of Scotland in 1518. He was 18 years old when he went into battle for the first time against the Clan Frazier. The Kurgan made an arrangement with Murdoch Frazier that he was the only one allowed to touch Connor, as he wanted to kill him before Connor could realize he was an immortal.

The Kurgan's attempt was thwarted by Connor's kinsman Angus and Dougal. As the Kurgan attempted the final blow, he was whisked away by those trying to protect Connor. In the Kurgan's immortal words: "Another time Highlander!"

Connor suffered a fatal wound in the abdomen, but, against all known reason, he lived. His clan believed he had made a pact with the devil and drove him into exile.

The next few years were very happy for Connor. He fell in love with and married a beautiful woman named Heather (who he lovingly called Blossom until the day she died of old age).

It was during this period that Connor met his mentor Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez (the oldest immortal, born in 896 B.C.E in Egypt). Ramirez sought out the young Connor to teach him swordplay and about his existance as an immortal.

No sooner had Ramirez completed Connor's training than he was beheaded by the Kurgan in Connor's home while Connor was away.

Connor spent the rest of his time in Scotland in peace. The Kurgan did not persue him. He lived with Heather until her death. When she died, Connor was thrown into a state of isolation. He burned her body in the Highlands, left his MacLeod clan sword to mark her funeral spot, and left Scotland with Ramirez's Katana as his own.

Connor eventually landed in America. After a sword fight with fellow immortal Iman Fasil in the Madison Square Garden parking garage, pieces of Ramirez's sword were found by forensic investigator and weapon's expert Brenda Wyatt. Since Connor had been held for questioning in the beheading, Brenda assumed he knew where the Katana was. It was made many centuries before the Japenese began making swords such as that and Brenda was intent on verifing it's existance.

During her investion, Brenda found interesting information on Connor. He had been assuming identities of children that died at birth and willing his vast fortune to himself (as a new child). His alias's were found to be the following:
Adrian Montague, Jacques Lefeburt, Alfred Nicholson, Capt. David Carruthers, Rupert Wellingford, and the current Russell Nash.

It was when Brenda confronted Connor with this information that he told her of his existence and who he was. The two fell in love. This was the first time Connor had opened himself up to a woman since the death of Heather.

It was under the alias of Russel Nash that Connor fought the final battle with the Kurgan in New York City, 1985.