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Welcome    to    Writing    on    the    Wall

Welcome to Writing on the Wall!  I am Brian, webmaster of 
this very beautiful place on the Web.  To better 
serve your needs, Writing on the Wall will always be 
undergoing construction.  If you have any suggestions or comments 
about this site, please send to  Click on the link at
the bottom of the page.

You can also read and send in various forms of writing, including
poetry, short stories, songs, or any other literary work in 
the various rooms.  If you would like to have an 
original work posted, please go to the Submissions page for rules.

Speaking of original work, there is a new poem from Lyns titled "Just".  Check it out 
in the poetry room.  

Let me know you've been here.  Please sign in at the new, hopefully 
improved Writing on the Wall Guestbook.

Finally, check out the newly updated links to several literary pages and sites.
The links should prove to be helpful, entertaining, and inspiring.
If you have any links that you feel would be useful, please
send those to  

Ready?  Then go ahead into the Writing on the Wall, and enjoy!

You are the th person to come into the confines of this beloved place. Thank you.


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Brian, owner of Writing on the Wall