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Poser Tutorials

This poser tutorial was written by Neutron on the poser news group. The question that was originally asked is:

I've looked everywhere and I'm new to poser 4. The reason I bought it was that it was advertised as being able to map a photo to a poser model. I would greatly appreciate any help that you may provide. Please forgive my ignorance but if you could put it in the simplest terms or steps.

  1. you need photoshop (APS) or paint shop pro (PSP)
  2. import the texture map you like as the bottom layer
  3. import your face photo as the top layer, 70% opacity
  4. move your face photo over the texture map face, align and resize so the eyes and mouth match
  5. erase the parts of your face photo, like the hair, that won't fit
  6. increase face photo layer opacity to 100%
  7. match your face photo colour and saturation with the texture map face colour and saturation
  8. feather your face photo, which is now slightly smaller than the texture map face, into the edge of the texture map face
  9. flatten and export the new texture map
  10. find or create an hairstyle that will make the face photo look like the person it represents Does all this sound complicated? Yes, it is. You should allow 6-9 months to get up to speed on Poser and the same amount of time to get up to speed on PSP or APS.

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