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Genealogy Data

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Moore, Margaret Alice
Birth : 2 DEC 1919 Omaha, Nebraska
Death: -----Living----
Gender: Female
Occupation: Secretary for Safeway Grocery Chain in Kansas then moved to the Safeway(Homeland) Store Chain in Oklahoma City OK
Religion: Catholic/Episcopal
Medical: Type 2 diabetes; Immacular Degeneration due to diabetes.
Father: Moore, Patrick Henry
Mother: Denson, Helen Ione Thelma
Marriage: 9 JAN 1946, Omaha, Nebraska
Hynes, Cyril Fayette (Pickles)     Hynes Men of Basketball
Birth : 1 APR 1914 Pomroy, IA
Death : 8 AUG 1967 Cromwell, Hughes Co., Oklahoma
Burial: 12 AUG 1967 Highland Cemetary, Okemah, Okfuskee Co., Oklahoma
Gender: Male
Occupation: Construction worker/Forman.
Religion: Catholic
Notes: was injured while working on Interstate 40. He was electricuted from an open electrical box. He was burned over 90% of his body and lived for about one month afterward.
Father: Hynes, William Edward
Mother: Rinehart, Maria Ella
Hynes, Michael Tay
Birth : --living--
Gender: Male
Hynes, Patricia Ann
Hynes, Richard Lee
Birth : --living--
Gender: Male
Marriage: 1980
Sherry, Jack Robert
Birth : 23 JUL 1930 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
Death : JUN 1999 at home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma
Buriel: June 1999 Highland Cemetery, Okemah, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma
Gender: Male
Occupation: Advertising for WKY and later of Oklahoma Board of Labor
Religion: Catholic/Episcopal
Notes: Jack loved to read, listen to big band music and play the organ and trombone. his greatest thing was drawing and painting. he was married once before and had two daughters who never came around after marrying my grandmother.
Medical: died of prostrate cancer

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