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Welcome to The Sisters of Morrissey official website! Please check the "News And Shows"
section for the latest details on our activities and long-awaited full-length CD. Enjoy your visit!

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MP3 Virtual Demo Tape


That's right! Our material is back! Don Depew has made preview mixes of two of the songs
from the CD, which we have encoded and are now available for you to enjoy. Click the links below
to get 'em! And of course, our tribute album submissions are also available for your downloading,
listening, trading and other pleasures, and we're hoping to add more preview tracks as time and efforts
allow. Stay tuned.

Dreams (The Sisters of Morrissey)

Fools (The Sisters of Morrissey)

Always The Sun.MP3 (The Stranglers)

Deep Sleep.MP3 (Poison Idea)

If you enjoy the tribute songs, please buy the CDs they are on. You can get more info about
these releases on the
News page, or buy them on the Get Stuff page.
All songs are copyrighted by their respective owners.

These recordings feature the owners of this site and are used with permission.

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The Sisters of Morrissey
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