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Reteo Varala Profile

Real Name: Lampros Liontos
Address: I don't think so. :-)
Phone number: Not a chance! :-)
*Chuckle* Fat with a mustache.

Oh well, I divorced the stereotypical nerd image a long time ago... after all, taste is a sensation I would not dare ignore :-)

Aside from the weight, I am 5'10" dark brown (almost black) hair, a reddish-brown mustache and bluish-grey eyes (with a maroon ring immediately around the pupils... What can I say? Genetics. :-)
Current projects:
Learning C++, Perl, Elisp, and shell scripting.
A program that generates speakable words. (Hopefully this will be expanded into a toolkit for story writers with writer's block.
A Final Fantasy 7-like game
(I can say no more for now.)
Nostalgic ReCreation:
An attempt to remake the classic arcade games under the GPL. (Currently defunct until I can find time... and learn to program in C++ effectively to handle such things correctly.)
Various Web-design tools, centered around the Website META-Language, a special language designed to be as extensible as C, which "Compiles" into Web-page-compatible HTML and JavaScript.

If you're interested, check out the web page at

Finally, writing something useful or entertaining (The reason behind the aforementioned utilities for combating writer's block... I at this point am too likely to plagiarize)
Self-taught. (What can I say? The high school staff politics were beyond me, and college kept asking me to feed it money I didn't have... Cheaper and easier to buy a computer and a few books... which in retrospect, I realize the books were worth the price... cheap. :-)

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