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Steven Kordik Profile

Herm, where to begin?

I work as the Senior Network Administrator at Panacom Supernet Inc. (A national ISP) I keep several Red Hat 5.1 Linux based servers screaming along, and one lame ass Windows NT server barely chugs along (I hate NT... Linux is much better)

I run Linux exclusively on my personal PC, and hate all things "Gatesian" (This hatred is a recent development, I used to tolerate, and even use Microsoft products, but finally, after convincing the owner of Panacom that we should run NT on our servers, and then having them become so unstable as to keep me up all night for nearly a week, I had to give in to the fealings of hatred that were festering deep inside me for good 'ole brother Bill. Needless to say, I converted the servers from NT to RH 5.1 and I've slept fine ever since)

I use Perl on a daily basis to write little utilities to make my life easier, and I program in C as well (not C++, never could see the point in it...) Currently I am at the tail end of a year long MUD project written in C and based on the Circle MUD source code. (See for more info) I have written a cross platform user database/accounting system that keeps accounts synchronised on 3 different Server Platforms (Worldgroup, Linux, and NT) it utilises a CGI front end to a PostgreSQL database, and custom written Perl and C servlets that run on each server. (ie: I am familiar with TCP/IP programming in both C and Perl)

I cannot spell.

I am also quite proud of a neato little Perl POP3 mail client that I wrote, check it out at

I currently run Enlightenment/GNOME as my windowmanager under X, I have played with KDE as well, but favor Enlightenment because it looks cooler, and is more stable. I have a 3dfx board (the Diamond Monster 3d) in my machine and am tinkering with Glide programming. (I add this so you know what types of clients I would be able to help develop. ie: glide 3d, gtk...)

I set up and maintain the Wormhole Mailing List.

I also maintain the Wormhole Mailing List Archive (no way... really? duh...)

I tend to ramble, and sometimes state the obvious.

I am vary anxious to get Wormhole to a playable state, the one thing I DO miss about Windows is games like Dark Reign, C&C: Red Alert, and MOO. Since I refuse to dual boot, and I refuse to run Windows, I am stuck playing whatever games have been ported to Linux (mostly FreeCiv, and a smattering of Quake II although it bores me too quickly) I hope we can get started on some code for Wormhole soon. As an aside, if you are aware of ports of any strategy games etc that are already available for Linux, let me know...

-Steve Kordik
(yeah, you'll see it with and without the . (ie: BOTH are valid, and both get to me...)

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