How to use this chat room:
1. Enter your name.
2. Note: Once in chat, if it says the name has already been selected by someone else, you'll need to choose another one. Sorry about that!
3. DON'T change the channel that is there already. It is only for Darle's Realm!
4. Click the button. You'll go to the chat room.
5. Change the font color to the one you want.
6. You can underline, make bold, etc but can't change the font itself.
7. This is open 24 hours a day.
8. I'm sorry, you can't send pictures or clickable urls via this chat room.
9. The java window was made very large for ease of reading. Just center the active chat part on your screen...
10. That's all there is to it!!!!! ENJOY!

To exit chat, click the "session" button and then click the "quit" button