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Tiny Q's Art

This is where you can find the characters individually drawn on the page. What does this mean? That they are the stars of the image, with no other character trying to steal their glory. Lucky them.

Well, as the title says, this is where you can find the characters drawn in groups. Some are having fun, others are bored, while some are sharing in group angst. What fun.

Here you will find all the art I have drawn for scenes in the books, as well as a variety of fan fiction, such as the Draco Trilogy. If you are hunting for D/G, you will find plenty in this section.

This is where I keep all of my Harry Potter art that has not been drawn. You can find my pottery, dolls and other such unique forms of media in this section.

The section with all the art that simply does not fit into any of the other categories. It's an odd mishmashed place.

All of the doodles that I have done over the years. Well, not all of them really, because that would take up far too much web space, but they are all of the ones that I like, and relate to Harry Potter. They range from horrible to almost worthy of their own page, as the rest of my art has.

Coming Soon (Hopefully...)
Yes, I am starting to draw comics. Why? Because they are fun. So, this will be where I will keep them all, regardless if they are Harry Potter related or not.

Non-HP Art:
Yes, I do draw art that is not related to Harry Potter. This is where you will be able to find it all.

Apparently I do some pieces of art in relation with one another. This is where you can find them all, grouped together for your convenience.