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Harry Potter
Harry's head's burning in the fire...
Yellow Harry 1
Yellow Harry 2
Harry has a mullet?!
Odd little Harry poo
Hobbit hair and Huge glasses
Harry Chicken Potter
Ah! He's stuck on my chem notes!
Harry, the Turban Wearing Worm

Draco Malfoy
He thinks he's cool stanidng like that
I like his shirt
This one kind of looks like the guy off of the 'New Guy'
I've always wondered that one myself...
Jacked! Doodle version.
Little Draco!
He's leaning against the pole, talking.
Draco as a sad child
My favorite Draco doodle ever
Draco's got a tattoo!
The back of Draco's shoulders
Draco, the Bird Wonder
Oober pretty Draco
He's ordering me to get back to studying Chemistry
He has Cats ears and an AC/DC shirt
Draco the cowboy
He has a pretty smile

Ginny Weasley
Her hair's inked red
Punky Ginny
I drew her with my left hand
In the shadows
Professor Ginny

Hermione Granger
She has a funny hat
She looks high again
Stick Hermione
Now that is what I call bushy hair!

The Weasleys
Ron as a Teen
I think he's going to kill him
Molly Weasley when she was young
Ron all lanky and gawky
Percy looks like someone I know... well, he does!
Severus Snape
Snape attempts and Draco in Black
Marilyn Manson-like Snape
Snape staring off into space
Yellow Paper Snape 1
Yellow Paper Snape 2
"I packed your happy Snape just incase..."
Multi pen Snape
What happened to poor Snapeypoo's nose?!
The Snape I drew on my math test instead of writing an answer...
Angry Snape and confused Methos?
The Sweedish thought outside the box...
Young looking Snape
Snape has a vulture on his hat and he doesn't look very happy about it...
Snape looks daft
Snape looks purple
Snape giving someone the finger

Remus Lupin
This Lupin looks like a poor Malfoy
This Lupin looks haunted
This Lupin looks like Gretzky
This Lupin looks tired
This Lupin looks purple

Nymphadora Tonks
My first Tonks attempt
Tonks attempt the week after the first
Tonks with freckles
Looking like Julia Roberts
In red pen
In purple pen

Snape blasted him
He looks like a git
Yes, it is just like magic!
Does his facial expression ever change?

Little Red Vodly Hood I
He He He
He's a "Ranger"!
Super scary Hitler-Voldy in lipstick
Little Red Voldy Hood II
Icky Voldy

The trio and Draco and Ginny
Me and all the HP characters with dot eyes
Stick people I drew back in 2002
It's Harry Time! Yay.
Scary Snape, determined Harry, and bucktoothed Hermione
From Fan Fiction
My prediction for what would happen in OotP. I was sorta right...
Blaise from Reiko's 'Serpent's Bride'
Ginny's angst in 'We All Fall Down'
It's Joe! I think...? From 'The Truth About Trees'
Poor Snapeypoo... He has to put up with ME!
How I see Joe from 'The Truth About Trees'
Blaise from Draco Veritas
Seamus/Tom from Draco Veritas
DV14 finally arrived. I was excited.
Ginny from ch5 of 'We All Fall Down'

Random Students
First year Riddle and haunted Sirius
Odd looking Riddle
The Snithc is dying, should Oliver help him? Is that even Oliver??
Victor Krumypoo
Cho Chang/Jin Ting (she moved while I was drawing her)
Blaise, as a girl
Does this look like Cedric to you?
Colin and his camera
Blaise, as a boy
Crabbe/Goyle looking sad
Luna Lovegood looks strange
Blaise, as a girl two
Odd looking Riddle
Blaise, as a boy prt2
Pretty Cho with an ugly nose
Depressed Cho

Random Adults
Quirrell sees a troll!
My first attempt at drawing Peter
Creepy little McGonagall
Lucius Malfoy; my first attempt
Innocent looking Quirrell
Another Pettigrew attempt
Lucius looks a bit startled, wonder why...
Sirius looking a little beat up
Hem Hem, Hem He- ~chokes and dies~ Yay!
Dumbledore has stars on his hat
Ugly Umbridge
Lucius has a pretty little bow

The Evil Sorting Hat
Evil Snitchy
Dobby - Pre PS movie
Thumbnails 1
Thumbnails 2
Fan Girl Battles
Norbert the Dragon