this page takes a while to load, sorry! i wrote it "just for fun"
All these sites have fantastic images of various cities around the world - prime SCURKing material!  
Sergio's Sao Paulo City Site (and also part of a great Brasil site)...I get most of my "inspirations" from here     
Stop the presses!! I've just found the "Mother of all German Skyscraper Sites" (a pretty narrow field, I'll admit...) Anyway, its slick as sh*t, and it's written in English as well as Deutcshe, so check out Boomtown-Frankfurt and don't drink too much ebbelwoi!
YKKAP's World Travel Machine...architectural tourism from a japanese point of view, lotsa fun - check out Brasilia     
WEBCAM's are great for getting ideas, Tommy's has the best list (check out the U.S. sites page too)     
Live in Rio - my favorite WebCam - great for SCURKing when Marcelo takes his 'cam down the streets of Rio, great for wishful thinking when he takes it to the beach!     
Roger's City Skylines - fantastic - skyline photos of all major U.S. cities...just check out his "rules" before you d/l his images (you'll notice that I don't use any of his images here...whole thing goes against my philosophy , but to each his own...)     
Patrick's got a tough life, he quit his job and apparently spends his time travelling all over the world, writing an "e-journal." Well, at least he took the time to post some city images for the rest of us (and the other parts of his site are pretty cool, too!)     
A Virtual Tour of Tokyo - great fun, have some Udon noodles and check out the cityscape!    
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