Maxis Inc.'s "Software Toys" - SimCity, Sim City Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK), SimTower, SimEarth - are great fun and have almost a cult following - they are much more than mere games. I, too, am a Sim-addict, but my favorite is quirky little SCURK - a utility for drawing/modeling buildings for SimCity. Why? basically because it brings out the frustrated architect in me (by day I'm a mild-mannered Systems Administrator), and to my eyes it is ART.  I'll be using this space for tiles, sketches, and ideas for SCURK and city design.

As for the images and files that I put on this site, go ahead, you can link to them, steal from them, "include" them, SCURK them, whatever you want, this is all for fun after all. IMHO, once you put something on the 'Web, you've entered public-domain land anyway, but we'll leave that for the lawyers to argue over. Of course, if you're gonna re-post my stuff, including some kinda credit would be nice.... On the other hand, I reserve the right to be lazy, a lot of the time I'll just post gifs here and it's up to you to capture it and convert it to bmp or pcx or whatever..... when I "get around to it", I'll post well-organized tilesets, zipfiles, etc, in the meantime, mail me if you want anything.

Any architects or Urban designers out there, I 'd love to talk with you, any SCURK addicts, ditto. Opinions, nasty or otherwise, are always welcome!

 P.S. These pages are for my own enjoyment in writing them as much as yours (I hope) in checking out my SCURK images. Neccesarily (and sometimes not so neccesarily ;-) ), there's a lot of graphics, so be patient, please!

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