What's New?

11/16/98: Finished Wurstburg! And checking for broiken links on these pages so I can finally get this site up and running again! AS I side note, I put this page in reverse order of age, not that anyone reads it anyway...it's kinda just a diary for me.

10/28/98: Moved again! Have a new SCURK Tips section about textures. Working on NYC tiles. Going nutz...

1/2/98: Finally! I've added a simple navbar to all my pages. It's about time...

12/31/97: Well, nothing like the dead week between Christmas and New Year's for getting important stuff (i.e. SCURKing and Webbing) done! Boss is on vacation, but I've gotta be in the office (collecting a paycheck) and there's nuttin on fire (I love being a SysAdm!). So here's the new stuff - I've started a new tileset, Wurstburg, which hopefully will be a German-flavored complete city-set (complete becuase I'm borrowing heavily from other tilesets ;-)). The MesseTurm above is included and I have another intermediate step included over on my Sketchpad. Also I wrote a quickie What is SCURK? page to answer the obvious question.

12/19/97: Oops! I haven't updated this update in ages. Well the most important new thing is my SCURK Tips Page, check it out! I killed the SCURK3000 page because it was pretty redundant and EA has SCURK on indefinite hold. There are some new tiles over in the SAMPA tiles page as well as close-up views of all the tiles. I'm working on a Northern European tileset, for now I've just pulled together the "best of" the various european tilesets that exist and I'm working on the MesseTurm (I think that's what it's called) in Frankfurt - it's a big blue tower with an arched convention hall next to it, I'll post it as soon as it is presentable. Meanwhile, to further the proliferation of gratuitous graphics on the Web, here's a sneak peek:

With the exception of the side walls on the hall and the "flying buttress"-type connection between the structural columns and the barrel roof, everything else I've drawn here has been shamelessly stolen from other tiles and re-touched, re-colored, cut-and-pasted, etc. Kudos to the guy who originally  drew the MesseTurm, send me an e-mail if you see this. ;-)

7/21/97: OK, OK, so I finally fixed up the sampa*.zip files on the SAMPA tiles page. In the meantime, over on  my SketchPad, I put a downloadable .pcx file with all my current bit's and pieces, and I did a quickie  SCURK3000 page.

7/17/97: Well, got the move pretty much done, gotta test links. Have some new SAMPA tiles and also a new  Contest . The .til and .mif zips in the tileset page are not %100 up to date, and I'm working on a new format for the SketchPad. Also, I'm opening my own little SimCity3000 area, but it is just 404 for now...  Hopefully, my crazy life will allow me to work on these pages alittle more regularly, sorry about all the delay.

4/11/97: Everything! Also I have two new tiles on my SAMPA tileset and some new bits o' buildings on my SketchPad. This page, on the other hand, is pretty sad, I'll spiff it up sometime next week (I hope). Also I've still got to implement a navbar and a better download method for my tiles, especially for the MACheads, who I've left out in the cold (for now). Oh well, pobody's nerfect.....

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