Tomica Sources

Tomica Sources

People have been asking me for some sources of Tomicas, so here goes. If you have any other reputable source of Tomicas, please let me know.

Freddy's Teddies and Toys, 1020 Isabella Ave., Coronado CA 92118, (619) 437-0130

If you are a toy car collector, this place will drive you nuts. If you ever visit San Diego, stop by. Right now he has 75-100 Tomicas, new and old, and is in the process of purchasing 900 more.
**Has decent prices, not exceptionally cheap or expensive, and has a huge array of toy cars, teddy bears, dolls, beanie babies, and the like, all in a little house in beautiful Coronado......I love the place. On blister: $5.50. In box: $7.00

Bob Blum, 8 Leto Road, Albany NY 12203 USA, 1-518-456-0608

premier source for Tomica Pocket Cars, Diapet, et. al.
**A little pricey, but he has just about any Tomica you'd ever want.

Brent McConnell, 7261 Olde Lantern Way, Springfield, VA 22152 - (703) 644-5994 - -

He just moved. He still has a large stockpile of Tomicas, but I don't know if he still supplies Tomicas by the case. Contact him for latest info. *New Tomicas by the case for around $95US (price may vary depending on exchange rate). Delivery in 3-5 weeks.
**From what I've seen of the cases he sells, it's a good value.

Diecast Miniatures, 255 Jones Street, P O Box 58, Amston CT 06231-0058 USA, phone 860-228-3186, fax 860-228-3249, Jeff Bray -

wide assortment of toys and precision models of all scales
**Have no idea about this, going by Dana's recommendation.

EWA and Miniature Cars USA, (800)EWA-4454 -

wide assortment of older Tomicas at reasonable prices
**Very reputable dealer, I have bought from them with no hassles.

-- Some information provided by Mr. Dana Johnson Chairman, Diecast Toy Collectors Association c/o Dana Johnson Enterprises P O Box 1824 Bend OR 97709-1824 USA