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News - Updates

10-07-03, Added 2 New Wav Site Links...
07-13-03, Added a New Tutorial, "Convert and Compress at the same time" using Winamp version 2.91.
No more large sized wav files waiting to be compressed, it's all done at once. :-)
07-03-03, Added a 'mIRC Tips page (for playing/trading wavs in mIRC), and also another wav link, 'Southern Souls Page (Nice site !).
06-06-03, Re-Added the
Request Section (after a 2 year vacation..Yayy!)..Also added Midi Links.
12-31-02, Redesigned the Site.
11-15-02, Links Varified, (5 wav links removed..wav sites are dropping like flies :-(
11-02-02, Good News to those of you whom make/compress your own .wav files!
Winamp version 2.81 and the most recent version of 2.91 will not only make a .wav from a .mp3, but will compress at the same time. :-)
Hopefully I can create a short tutorial on this in the very near future. It's a GREAT feature.
08-23-02, Links Varified, More contact options added, ( have Yahoo Messenger.).
03-14-02, You might experience some page outages, as we are changing website host for the Tutorials.
Added 3 new wav sites to the Links Section. Enjoy *smile*
12-21-01, Added 2 new Tutorials
11-14-01, Link Verification
09-28-01, Link Verification, added a few new.:-)
08-14-01, In addition to ICQ (846891), I now have MSN Instant Messenger :-) Feel free to add me, using ' '.
08-09-01, I Re Added my tutorials, Wav Links, Request Links and Added a 'Friends Links' Section.
08-03-01, Page Removed.

Want details or more info as to 'why' the wavs were removed? ..Suggestions.. ? Feel free to Contact Me.
Hugs all.. Its been a blast for 3+ years!!! :-) Many Thanks to all of you whom has sent such pleasant, supportive Emails!
Maybe in the future, the wavs will return :-) *HUGZ*


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