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people have stopped by to show support for our cause.

This page 1999 TRAVIS

This decade the students, the youth of America has been sitting idly in fear for their lives, for their future. We as the youth are not worrying about college or the Friday night movie, we are scared to death of whether or not we are going to go home safely from school. This is not what we are attending our educational facilities for. We are there to learn, to live, and enjoy what is supposed to be best four years of our lives. But when students are getting shot in the confines of school, those four years turn to be frightening instead of fun. Some peole are lying down waiting for someone else to do something about this situation. We the creators of TRAVIS are just the ones to do something about it.
The most effective way to get the students, to the youth, is through the youth. That is why we are making this statement, and not some group of adults that most students won't acknowledge. We are the youth of America speaking to the youth of America...listen closely. The message can save lives.

Listen up...this is what needs to be said

A note from Scot

It doesn't matter what it is that keeps people doing what they do. But 
it does matter that those people feel the need to actually do it. That 
is where the problem therein lies. Live free, be free, but remember 
that your freedom ends where the other persons face begins. This 
society is based on respect. You must respect people, their opinions, 
their beliefs, their lifestyles, and any/every other possible 
characteristic that makes them the INDIVIDUAL that they may happen to 
be. I like to keep things direct and to the point. Thanks to all who 
have respected our goals, and especially to those who have made them 
possible, more thanks to those who have just stopped by and given us 
their support. Spread the word, don't give. It's time for a little 

A note from Kevn

First off, I wanna thank everyone for their e-mails over the last few 
months. They have really helped to motivate Scot and I. We haven't had
timw to answer them in the last couple of months, but I assure we'll
get back to everyone eventually, so be patient.

Our appearance in Teen People was a success! It helped add thousands of hits to our count! We may be a part of an upcoming netcast, and we'll keep you posted on that event. Scot and I may also soon have an ICQ account so that you can chat directly with us!

Onto the really important stuff. A new school year is upon us, and I hope that many have learned from our site in its six months in existance, and head back to school with a new outlook and a want to share our message with your classmates and friends. Our society has forgotten how to treat our fellow human beings with the respect that we would expect from them. If anyone has an album by a band called Creed titled "My Own Prison", a song on it titled "One" (track 10) sums things up nicely. Which, while I'm on the topic, Scot and I listen to that album a lot to put us in the right frame of mind. They are a great band with a powerful message in their lyrics. Any fan of rock music should give them a listen. Scot and I really appreciate everyone who visits our site on a regular basis and we really hope you've learned as much as we have.

As for some upcoming changes in the site, our new URL (http:/ is up, as our old one ( went down along with the company who provided it. We will soon be doiing a complete overhaul of our site, as a friend of mine who is very good at web design has agreed to help give us a new look. Anything you'd like to see on the site? Let us know. Stay tuned. Scot and I are preparing a new batch of writings as well. God Bless, KEVN

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